PUREBOT is the first water bottle certified as EA-Free

The Purebot is a 24 oz. flexible sport bottle made from certified EA-Free LDPE Plastic. The water bottles are manufactured in the USA and are both durable and dishwasher safe.


Why is EA-Free Important?

Estrogenic Activity

Almost all plastics sold today release chemicals that have estrogenic activity (EA). While estrogens (the female sex hormones) occur naturally in the body, many scientific studies have shown that significant health problems can occur when chemicals are ingested that mimic or block the actions of these female sex hormones. This EA commonly occurs when harmful chemicals leach from plastics into the water and food we consume. Young children, infants and the fetus are particularly vulnerable and sensitive to chemicals having EA.

Health related problems associated with ingesting chemicals exhibiting EA include:

BPA-Free is not EA-Free

Public awareness has recently been raised about the danger of using plastics that contain Bisphenol-A (BPA). The harmful nature of this chemical is caused by its EA, but unfortunately BPA is just one of several hundred chemicals exhibiting EA that are used in the manufacture of plastics. Plastic products advertised as BPA-Free often contain other harmful chemicals and are not EA-Free. Only products that are tested and found free of all chemicals having EA can be certified as EA-Free.

Hydrapak and PlastiPure - The Health-Related Solution for Chemicals Having EA in Plastics

Hydrapak is committed to meeting consumer demands for innovative safe products, and has partnered with PlastiPure to bring EA-Free water bottles to the market. PlastiPure is the first and only company to develop and create plastics that are completely free of EA. Plastics manufactured by, or in partnership with, PlastiPure are tested by the most sensitive assays available to ensure that they release no chemicals having detectable EA. EA-Free Hydrapak products carry the PlastiPure-Certified seal making it easier for consumers to identify the safer plastic choice for them and their family.

For more information about Estrogenic Activity (EA) and where you can go to find other products made with PlastiPure Certified EA-Free plastics, please visit www.plastipure.com.

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